Kate Thornton

Kate Thornton In X Factor

It was in 2004 when X Factor hit the screens and it was all the rage and it was at that point when Kate Thornton grew in fame.


She was the main presenter for the host and was adored by most because of her affiliation with the show. X Factor started to develop into a powerhouse and that is what made it wonderful. Let’s learn more about who she was and what role she had to play at X Factor before moving on.



Kate’s Career

Kate Thornton’s primary career path had nothing to do with TV or showbiz and instead, she was leaning towards time as a journalist because it excited her and it was something she wanted to get into. She felt it was something she was good at doing but it led her to Smash Hits Magazine as Editor.

All of this happened at the age of 21 and she was off to the races as a professional. Over time, she continued to rise through the ranks when it came to the attention she was getting and the number of people that knew her. This is when she gained the chance to host the show that was known as X Factor. She had the ability to calm peop

A Young Kate Thornton

le down when they were eliminated and had a personality that was ideal for the gig. Unfortunately, while her presence on the show was a good one, Simon Cowell felt it was time to move on as they needed to up the ratings with a new presenter. This meant it was Kate that had to make way for Dermot O’Leary who took up the job as a replacement. It was a shocker for Kate but she realized it was going to happen one day or another with how things were going. She still believes this is one of the greatest gigs she has had the opportunity of working and it was something she cherishes to this day.

Where is Kate now?

Kate Thornton took time to reflect on where her career path was going before making a decision to enter the workforce again. This time she is looking to spend time as a journalist and blogger at Tbseen.com She has also started to spend time spreading the brand of her cash back website and is a big presence online via her social media accounts. She has also worked with the likes of Heidi Range and Denise Van Outen.


Kate Thornton – The Day A Supermodel Took My Photo | Tbseem.com  Vimeo.