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Tips On How To Find and Fix Water Leaks

There is nothing worse than realizing your pipes are leaking and water damage could be around the corner.

This is a frustrating position to be in and it’s something numerous property owners deal with at one point or another. Those pipes aren’t going to stay in mint condition all the time and will start to give out depending on how they’re used throughout the year. With aging properties, this becomes a serious nuisance and it’s important to stay on top of things as the property owner.

For those who do realize there’s a water leak, it’s time to focus on fixing things. Here are the most important tips to follow on how to fix water leaks properly. if leaks can not be found but appear to be evident you may need to enlist the help of leak detection specialists like eekaleakdetection.co.uk

1) Detect the Source of the Leak

Start by finding the source of the leak as that is a top priority for you in a situation such as this.

The goal is to determine where the leak is, so you are able to determine whether this issue is going to rapidly worsen or not. If you do feel it is going to rapidly worsen then it’s time to act right now.

You will want to start making a plan as soon as you take a look at the leak because this is the only way to get on top of what’s going on. Make sure to continue with your inspection and look at all parts of the property to see if there are multiple spots where issues are popping up. Sometimes, you may notice one leak and then there’s another bigger one down on the other end of the property!

2) Shut of the Main Water Valve Immediately

The main water valve is something you have to focus on as soon as you can.

If the water is allowed to flow through the pipes, it is going to continue to leak where the break/crack has popped up. As a result, you want to cut the main supply and make sure only standing water is left in the pipes/faucets.

Once you do turn off the main water valve, you want to test to see if it has been done properly. There are times where a little bit of water continues to spurt out and that is going to lead to a real mess once you start working on the repair solutions.

3) Drain the Faucet

Just like shutting off the main valve, you will also want to think about draining the faucet(s). In general, the faucet will hold a bit of water and you will want to get rid of it as soon as you can.

It shouldn’t take a lot of effort to do this but you want to turn the tap on all the way up. Let any water come out and make sure it is completely shut off before you move forward.

4) Start Wiping the Pipes

When it comes to the main tips on how to fix water leaks, you will want to start with the basics such as wiping away at the pipes with a small cloth. You want to make sure the surface water is removed, so you can begin applying the epoxy.

5) Apply Epoxy

For the epoxy, you want to get something that is robust and well-reviewed.

Take a small putty knife and make sure to fully cover the break/crack that has occurred in the main line. You want to do this thoroughly and take your time with it as best as possible. Otherwise, it might get worse and that is not a situation you want to deal with.

6) Cover with Rubber and Seal with Water-resistant Tape

Along with the epoxy, you will now want to focus on getting a bit of rubber and applying it to the area. This will provide an additional layer of protection along with the water-resistant tape that is wrapped around it.

7) Test to See if Pipe is Sealed

Please note, you should make sure to test the seal and see if water can get through or not. To do this, you will want to gently turn on the water valve and continue to see if odd noises and/or leaking issues pop up.

If they do, it’s best to continue working on sealing up the crack properly.

8) Run Regular Inspections

The final tip is to run regular inspections and that is something people don’t do as well as they should in this day and age. You want to focus on this. A lot of issues only arise because property owners are negligent.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to understand the value of staying on top of this concern. Yes, water leaks may not be the end of the word at first but things can worsen in a hurry. It’s essential to take this seriously and start making proactive changes as soon as possible. For those who wait around, it is only going to get worse and it isn’t going to heal on its own like a wound! You have to make sure it is corrected because when the floodgates open, you are going to have serious repair costs to deal with and that’s never fun. Be smart and stay alert so you are able to react in a timely manner and can manage the situation before it gets to the point of no return and major changes have to be made. This is how to fix water leaks the right way!

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