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SEO Analysis Means More Than Recording Your Google Rankings

If you’re in business, you’re doing so to make money. In most lines of business in the modern economy, you rely on your website to do well in generating business. Even if you don’t sell a product or service directly through your website, you might rely on it to generate requests for more information, build your brand, list subscribers, schedule consultations, or just convince prospects that your business is a trusted authority within your industry or sector. You want people to visit your website more than your competition, and you want to convince them that you’re worth their time, trust, and money.

Knowing the keywords and phrases consumers might use to look for a business like yours starts the process of search engine optimization, and then ranking well for them is the second step. An understated third step is conversion optimization, which is the art of fine-tuning your website to turn visitors given by search engines into actual business. However, there is another step that many companies or businesses never get around to, and that is SEO analysis.

Having someone do SEO analysis means you have an independent person with an objective viewpoint look over all your SEO operations from end to end and pepper the whole situation with questions. Could there be other keywords or phrases targeted for backlinks? Are backlinks coming from a diverse enough set of sources? Are backlink sources relevant and authoritative themselves? What’s the competition up to? Is the website content useful enough to readers to get more search engine respect? Is it updated enough? Are mobile marketing and social media being utilized enough?

The right SEO analysis is going to show you where your strengths are so you can rely on them for even more benefit, but it’ll also show you where your weaknesses are so you can address them. You’ll also discover new areas of opportunity that you can explore and exploit, hopefully in advance of anyone else in your line of work.

Your own in-house SEO team could do their own analysis, but this sort of thing works a lot better with a pair of fresh eyes that simply doesn’t have the assumptions that your own regular providers might have. Using a third-party SEO firm is always a good idea if you want to really know how your digital outreach and Internet marketing is working out for you.

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